L01. Awakening I

You left the house feeling odd. You didn't know why you were there or even who you were.

Perhaps the best way to jog your memory is to ask others. Go ask the woman in front.

(Press hotkey 'L' to view your quest log. Right-click an NPC to start a conversation.)

Quest Abgeben

"You finally woke up!" Cynthia exclaimed. "Did you rest well? I hope you enjoyed your stay in my house."

"If I didn's see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe you were the child in the Blue Crystal. Where do you come from? How did you get into the Blue Crystal?"

"Oh I'm sorry, dear! You just woke up, and here I am asking you all these questions. And it seems you don't remember anything...?"

Report to: Madam Cynthia

Reward: 7 Silver und 38 EXP

Fame: Gained Andrew Mining Fame 100

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